Admission Open for Eshwar Vidyalaya & Small Wonders for the Academic Year 2016-2017, NO DONATION.



Why us

We believe that the school is a place where children are made aware of their responsibilities and duties towards their families, human beings and to maintain and preserve our ecology and environment.
The school provides the children with necessary freedom to explore, experiment, discover, learn, decide, and apply on their own in a guided and mentored environment rather than restricting their creativity to mere syllabus.

The school makes a determined effort to transform each of them to be a righteous human beings and respectful citizens.

Classroom, subjects and the materials used are customized to address the developmental needs of children of all age groups and diligently integrate them to reinforce and associate things between the lessons they learn. Students are motivated to appreciate and value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large.

Children are equipped with various tools to be able to master tough academic challenges, along with labs such as languages, math and science. Special activities are encouraged along with the lessons taught for a better insight and to cultivate a keen interest in the curriculum.

We have also introduced technology based learning by using digital content, LCD and interactive boards from Next Education.

Home Work is creative and complimentary to the curriculum.

After school time slots, special attention, innovative and customized teaching methods allow the slow learners to overcome their areas of weakness and gain confidence to achieve better results.